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Dinner Parties

How would you like to enjoy your evening, or host a party without having to cook? Whether you are planning a dinner for two, or entertaining a small party let me make your dinner special. I will plan a menu with you, take care of the shopping, cook the food, and best of all I will clean your kitchen before I leave. All this while you get to enjoy your evening.


Amazing home style dinner for the family. Great for special occasions, birthdays, holidays, and more. Everything is served on platters making it easy to share and eat as much or as little as you’d like. A typical family-style dinner includes:

  • one appetizer

  • one entrée accompanied by a side

  • one dessert


I’ll propose some menu options based on your preferences, and the final selections will be entirely up to you. Have a carefree evening while you and your guests enjoy a relaxed, chef-prepared meal.

Plated Dinner

With this meal, you’ll enjoy individually plated courses. This special dinner includes:

  • first plated appetizer

  • second plated soup, salad or seafood course

  • an entrée plated with side

  • dessert course


I will plan a menu for you and take care of the shopping. Enjoy a restaurant-quality meal with your guests in the comfort of your own home.